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2011-04-08 02:03 pm
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private entry

I don't know what's worse, realizing that I forgot my own birthday or realizing that my boyfriend and friends did.

This sucks.
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2011-03-05 08:27 pm
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(no subject)

What a good day. An absolutely wonderful day. It was great. Really great.
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2011-02-23 12:12 am
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[locked to Yukari, Minato and Itsuki]

Fuuka remembers everything. I think what was going on with the Shadows jogged her memory.

That being said, I wanted to ask that no one tell her what's happening. I don't want her to worry and I know she would.
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2011-01-31 07:40 pm
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2011-01-01 12:38 pm
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... January 31st.
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2010-12-26 11:19 am
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He kissed me.

I can't believe he kissed me.

I'm so glad I kissed him back.
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2010-12-02 11:08 pm
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How does a person choose they way they will die?
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2010-11-26 06:05 pm
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private [hackable by all SEES members]


I actually told him I liked him and I was pretty firmly put in the friends category afterward. I still can't believe I did that, though. At least I tried, right? That has to be what counts.

It's really okay, though. Life's already complicated enough without him saying he liked me back. Plus, add on Ryoji...

Why do I feel like I've known him for so long? It's so weird... and something just doesn't feel quite right.
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2010-11-10 06:29 pm
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accidental audio

Balance. It's balance, I guess. Two sides of a coin. It's still kinda hard to wrap my mind around it, but... it just fits somehow.

... but what if I'm not? What if I'm a second thought? A remnant? Version 2.0?

... my nose isn't that big.