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I actually told him I liked him and I was pretty firmly put in the friends category afterward. I still can't believe I did that, though. At least I tried, right? That has to be what counts.

It's really okay, though. Life's already complicated enough without him saying he liked me back. Plus, add on Ryoji...

Why do I feel like I've known him for so long? It's so weird... and something just doesn't feel quite right.

[identity profile] 2010-11-27 04:49 am (UTC)(link) was Itsuki-kun, wasn't it.

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... I thought I had this locked.

Afraid so. It's still alright, though.

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Ugh, that idiot. I have a feeling he was being a dunce and didn't know what you were talking about. What exactly did you say?

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I just told him that I liked him.

It's okay, though. Things are a little complicated with things around here right now. I really don't need anymore complications until things calm down a little.

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Yeah, he probably didn't get it at all. Don't give up, Minako-chan.

You met Ryoji-kun, huh? He, well...he's quite the guy.

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I think he got it.

Yeah. It's odd, really. He's so... I don't know. Familiar. We've gone out a few times.

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I think you're underestimating how dense he is.

Maybe it's his personality. There's a reason him and Junpei get along.

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I think he's more evasive than dense.

Yeaaaah, those two kinda scare me sometimes. I thought Mitsuru-senpai was going to kill them when we were on the trip...

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He's a little bit of both.

Getting executed is a fate worse than death. They won't be trying something like that anytime soon.

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Maybe more than a little.

I've never seen Junpei look so scared. He looked like Mitsuru-senpai was going to try and eat him... Ryoji seemed to take it all in stride, though.

Is it bad that I kind of thought it was funny?

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Are you kidding? That was hilarious!

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Good. I was worried I was being mean!

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Oh, man, Minato only hung out with Koro-chan for a few days after that because he felt safer being with someone who wasn't at the scene of the crime. It was great.

Good job, Yukari! You've got her laughing now!

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Oh, please tell me the boys were getting glares every time they walked by any of the girls... I know they did here!

8D! just the everyday job of a friend.

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Even Aigis avoided them.

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Ouch. She did that here, too. It was just too funny.

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Nothing is ever going to top that. I'm laughing so hard hard that I'm crying and that was years ago.

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I'd be laughing more if I didn't think I'd wake people up!

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Oh, did you guys take a night off?

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We had Career things the last few days and I spent some time with Ryoji earlier, so we're staying here tonight.

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Nothing wrong with a break now and then.

Career's about time for mine, I think.

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I figured we could all use one after everything that's happened lately. I haven't seen much of Junpei...