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You've been looking for help, haven't you?
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I might have a possible lead.
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An acquaintance of mine has some measure of magical power, and she seems to think it's possible to find a solution. She's not sure if she's strong enough herself, but if she does manage to find a spell, that's a step forward.

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It is.

... thank you. For doing all this.
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You're welcome. I couldn't do anything else, really.

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Of course you could. You didn't have to do any of this.
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Perhaps. I won't say I'm the sort of person who tries to be a hero, or fight for causes unselfishly. But for one reason or another, everyone has things they can't not do, don't they?
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Were you just checking on progress, or did something happen?

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Shiro figured out who you were asking for.

There was yelling involved and not in my case this time.

I think he thinks I've given up.
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...Ah. I see. He does get rather impassioned over things sometimes...
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That probably means that he's gotten fond of you, but as being scolded by him isn't a comforting experience, I doubt that's reassuring. I'm almost sure he nearly always means well, though.

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I know he does. I really do.
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...But it still takes a toll on you, doesn't it.
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No reason. I could be wrong, of course. But you did make a post directly in relation to it.

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... I hate when friends are upset with me or around me. Especially now.
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I'm not surprised. Shiro isn't one to stay angry, though, usually. I wouldn't be surprised if saying you haven't given up is all it would take.
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Also, food. Food never hurts, when it comes to him.

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You know I'm always good for that.
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Of course. Once I find out where he's gone, I'll let you know where to direct any sort of food-based missives.

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Actually, I was going to ask if you could deliver them.

I haven't been out much lately.
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Well, I can and I can't. That is to say, I'd be willing to, but Shiro hasn't been back after what happened last week. Which means he's most likely currently up in space.

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Well, I'm sure I can manage then.
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You could probably ask him to stop by himself, actually. I don't think it's much trouble for him to worldhop. By the way, I'm glad you can take unexplained statements such as "he may have gone off to space" so calmly.

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I did, and that's when things went a little less than ideal.

I'm sure I can get him to visit, though.

After everything that's happened here with Nyx and everything? Going into space isn't such a big thing. I've learned to be flexible and not freak out over things like that.
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I see. In that case, would you like me to talk to him?

Very true, especially with some of the members we have here, I suppose. They do seem to come from every era imaginable.

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It's alright.

It's still pretty amazing to think of all the interesting people on here. I'm so glad I found this place.