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[locked to Yukari, Minato and Itsuki]

Fuuka remembers everything. I think what was going on with the Shadows jogged her memory.

That being said, I wanted to ask that no one tell her what's happening. I don't want her to worry and I know she would.
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She does?

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She does.

Juno knew something was happening with the Shadows and I think that's what caused it.
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I suppose that makes sense.

I won't mention anything to her.

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Thank you.

Did you come out alright after everything that happened?
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Of course. Being on the fighting side is far easier than being the one fought.
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I'd ask after you, but considering you're an old hand at that sort of thing...

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I managed alright. Just really tired since then.
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Well, that's only natural.
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...I don't know if there's any deeper meaning to it or not.

Is it worrying you?
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I'm not sure. It was a silly question to ask.

She's lying about not being worried. XD

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Not really. It was nice that you asked.
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poor minako ):

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I defer to your judgment, of course.

she won't be telling him that, though

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Of course.