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rl for Itsuki

[ Finding a worldhop hadn't been too hard, so Minako found herself a little bit early. It gave her time to walk as she let her mind wander a little, even if she made sure she didn't stray too far from where she was supposed to meet Itsuki. ]
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[ He spotted her meandering around the park gates, and seeing her already waiting, he-- well, he didn't jog, because that would be very uncool, but he did speedwalk towards her a little ]

I hope I didn't keep you waiting too long.

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[ She smiled as she glanced up at him, reaching up to wave as if he hadn't already spotted her. ]

You didn't. I haven't been here more than five minutes.

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well I sure fell asleep at 10 last night...

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And here I thought I was excellent at showing up places early. [ he smiles, nodding towards the park ] Shall we?

I passed out right behind you, I think.

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[ with a nod, she falls in beside him, still smiling faintly. ]

I try to make a habit of it, too.
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we're cool people

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I've found that mostly what it takes is making friends who are terminally late-- or at least, terminally on time. [ he slips his hands in his jacket pockets as they walk; it's a fairly mild day, but still a bit chilly ]

Are you sure about that? XD

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I guess I've been around Mitsuru-senpai for too long. She's very responsible.

[ Mild or not, Minako's got gloves on and while they're not exactly thick, they're still there to ward off any chill. Right now, she can't afford to be sick. ]
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She seems to be. From what I know, I can't quite picture her being late for anything.

[ As they round a corner on the path, he sweeps his arm out in a gesture to display the skating rink; it's open to the air, with a small covered booth containing the skate rentals and lockers ] And voila! It's nothing fancy, but I think something would be taken away from the spirit of things if it were.

XD I'm so glad to know that you're sure

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[ Her smile widens at the sight. In her eyes, it's just about perfect. ]

Fancy is overrated sometimes.
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As long as something's charming, fancy is probably unnecessary. [ is he a little proud of himself for getting it right, yes he is ] If you let me know what size you need, I can take care of renting skates.

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[ she rattles off her size, still beaming as she watches people gliding around the ice. Of course, there's no way she'll be as graceful, but she'll do her best/ ]
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[ he meets her back by the benches after a few minutes, skates in tow ] You know, I've always wondered who first came up with the idea of ice skating. It doesn't seem intuitive, does it?

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[ she's already claimed a spot for the both of them on one of the benches, ready to change into the skates. ]

Doesn't humanity like to push their boundaries and try to master things that seem difficult? Someone says something's impossible and someone usually does their best to try and prove them wrong.
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For some reason, I feel a certain kinship with whoever first told someone not to strap blades on their feet and attempt to walk on ice. Something tells me they knew exactly how it was going to turn out.

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What, that they'd fall on their butt?

[ have a chuckle ]
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That they'd immediately try it, at least. And then there would be much falling and all that, of course, but anyone telling someone not to do something like that really just wants to see what happens when they try. [ He's laughing a bit too, as he laces up one skate, partly at humanity at large and partly because she's a bit infectious that way ]

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[ shaking her head a little, she lets the chuckle fall silent, even if she's still smiling. She's already got both skates on now, even if she's busy lacing up the second. ]

Humanity just has to try.
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[ For one split second he's reminded of the Doctor. This whole conversation is the sort of thing he would have come out with, always talking about the foolish brilliance of humanity-- but if there's one thing Itsuki is excellent at it's repression, so he continues talking without any hint of what he's thinking, putting on his second skate and lacing it up at double time ]

Mostly we seem to try to go fast in dangerous and interesting ways, which I suppose has its merits.

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[ she glances over at him lacing his skate up once she has her done ]

Have you ever done it?
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Tried to go fast in dangerous and interesting ways? I wouldn't say I've tried, but occasionally it does seem to happen. [ he stands up, carefully keeping his balance on the rubber mats ] If you mean skating, though, I have. Not recently, but it's a little like riding a bike.

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[ Thankfully, her balance is quite good thanks to many evenings spent training. That doesn't mean she doesn't wobble for a moment. ]

I meant fast and dangerous, actually.
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[ he puts a hand on her arm to steady her as they make their way towards the rink proper ] I don't make a point of it. I'd like to think that I'm not a coward when dangerous situations arise, but at the same time, I'd like to not be in them in the first place, if I can help it.

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[ her smile goes all soft and warm when he steadies her. She might not be wobbling anymore, but she won't protest if he keeps close to her for a little while longer. ]

I actually think most people shouldn't be in such situations if they can help it, even if they're not a coward.
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[ he's well aware she probably wouldn't fall if he let go, but why stop a good thing? ] I suppose it's the illusion of danger versus actual danger. Skydiving, for instance, is very different from accidentally falling from a plane.

[ he interrupts what sounds like it's going to be a very doubtful metaphorical path to step out onto the ice ] Ready?

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[ as soon as he asks, she nods and moves out onto the ice without a shred of nerves. Oh, she knows she'll take a few falls but like she says, sometimes the falling is the fun part even if muscles will disagree the next day.]
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[ heck, after battling shadows, a few falls are probably nothing a good night's sleep can't fix. ] Would you like a lesson, or shall I get the starting pistol ready?

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[ chuckling, she glides out onto the ice and turns to glance over at Itsuki just in time to end up on her butt on the ice. For a long moment, she sits there before she laughs a little ruefully. ]

I think it's been a little longer than I remember, soooo a lesson might be a good idea.
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[ He chuckles a bit before leaning down, hand out to help her up ] Lesson one: falling down is quite easy.

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[ She takes the offered hand to hoist herself back up ]

It's always the easiest.
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Luckily, standing back up isn't very hard either. As for moving, what you want to do is push off with one foot, and glide with the other. It's probably going to feel a little shaky at first, but trust that you'll stay on your feet.

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[she once again finds her balance quite easily and after a few experimental tries, she's slowly skating along, smiling. ]

Not so bad now, hm?
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Not bad indeed. Are you ready to try a triple axle?

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[ She just laughs and keeps skating along. ]

Even I know my limits.
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[ he keeps pace with her, arm half-out in case she starts falling again, because he does tend to hover a bit ]

No? I was looking forward to seeing some acrobatics.

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[ hovering is all good, but she's not so likely to fall now that she's found her pace. ]

So not happening. I don't do tricks.
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[ he'll hover anyway, because he's occasionally kind of a dork like that ]

Fair enough. Do you think you've gotten the hang of it now?

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[ she shoots him a quick smile as she glances over at him, nodding. ]

Pretty sure, yeah. I'd forgotten how much fun it was.