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... January 31st.

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Just a date I have to keep. That's all.

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I like it when people are happy.

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... Oh.

All right. Thanks, then.

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Most people are more selfish than that.

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I guess I'm just weird then.

I can be pretty selfish at times, but when it comes to wanting people to be happy... well. I'm happiest when everyone around me is.

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Even then.

I think everyone deserves to be happy if they really want it.

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What if they're your enemies?
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...I'm sorry.

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Why? It gives me a little more time to figure out how we're going to beat Nyx.
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I'm not sure. It seemed like the right thing to say, until I remembered how much of an optimist you were.

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... I'm trying to stay positive.
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I'm glad to hear it.

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You said to trust you, remember?

I'm not only trusting you, but I'm trusting all my friends. I know we'll find a way.
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I did, but I was expecting to have to convince you somehow.