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How does a person choose they way they will die?

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No one should have to choose that!

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You're right, but I still have to.

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Minako-senpai, you can't give up! It's scary fighting against things you won't sure you'll win against and all you want to do is run away and hide until it's gone, have to fight harder. You have to try because if you don't everything you fought for will get hurt. And--and I can't ever see you giving up.

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Um. I'm sorry. That all of this is happening. And that I'm not making it any better. I'm really, really sorry.

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All I can do is give advice or tell you what I think you can do....

I. I think you shouldn't run away. You should fight.

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I'm not going to run away. I couldn't....

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Every time I fight I'm scared. It's okay. To be scared, I mean.

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I can't be scared. I can't. If I am, then I can't lead them and make sure they all come back okay.

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But being scared makes you fight harder so that can live.

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I don't want to fight him, though. He's... someone special to me.

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I don't think he does, but I'm not sure if he'll have a choice.

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It sounds like everybody has a hard choice.

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Hell, you what?!

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Decide how we'll die. It really isn't a fair choice.

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Why do you have to decide how you'll die at all? What's happening?

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From what we're hearing, there's something coming that can't be beat. We can choose to just forget until the Fall and live our last few weeks in peace, but forgetting means killing a friend of ours, and I don't think I can do that... We can try and fight it, but there's almost no chance of winning.

It's really complicated.

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That sounds horrible, but don't give up. I'm a doctor. Maybe I can help.

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I'm trying not to. I promise.

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C'mon, kid, there has to be a way.

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... right.

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That's...a very hard choice.

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In the end, there really isn't a choice. Not really.

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I believe in you.